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Threaded Copper Bond Earth Rod
Gemini International
Gemini International
Technical Data

Material: Low carbon steel with molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.
Minimum copper thickness 250 microns.

>> All threads are UNC


PART No.Nominal Dia.
X Length
Thread Dia. "B" Shank Dia. "A" ADD TO CART
GERB 0011/2" x 1200mm9/16"12.7mm
GERB 0021/2"x 1500mm9/16"12.7mm
GERB 0031/2" x 1800mm9/16"12.7mm
GERB 0041/2" x 2400mm9/16"12.7mm
GERB 0055/8" x 1200mm5/8"14.2mm
GERB 0065/8" x 1500mm5/8"14.2mm
GERB 0075/8" x 1800mm5/8"14.2mm
GERB 0085/8" x 2400mm5/8"14.2mm
GERB 0095/8" x 3000mm5/8"14.2mm
GERB 0103/4" x 1200mm3/4"17.2mm
GERB 0113/4" x 1500mm3/4"17.2mm
GERB 0123/4" x 1800mm3/4"17.2mm
GERB 0133/4" x 2400mm3/4"17.2mm
GERB 0143/4" x 3000mm3/4"17.2mm